Octopart Sponsored Results

In order to keep the lights on at Octopart, we have a number of great distributors and manufacturers that support and sponsor the Octopart experience. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce our latest opportunity for companies sponsoring us: Octopart Sponsored Results.

With Octopart Sponsored Results, manufacturers can now buy textual advertisements that target keywords and part numbers with specific messaging, much like they would with Google AdWords:

Octopart Sponsored Results ads

These advertisements are useful to Octopart users because the messaging is relevant to the parts they are looking at.  Here's an example of the Octopart Sponsored Results on a part detail page:

Part Detail Page Sponsored Results

In addition to messages from our sponsors, through Octopart Sponsored Results users can expect to be kept informed of our own latest releases, like the popular Octopart BOM Tool or the Common Parts Library.

Electronic component manufacturers interested in learning more about this marketing opportunity should contact us at [email protected].