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Today's most forward-looking electrical engineers, electronics designers, component purchasers, and maker-pros use Octopart, a lightning-fast electronic component search engine built for engineers creating the next generation of hardware. Whether they are searching our vast database for vital electronic component information or sharing projects using our BOM manager, thousands of engineers use Octopart every day.

Arena invented cloud PLM. Its holistic suite of PLM, supply chain, and QMS solutions enables innovative OEMs with complex electronics to manage their bill of materials, facilitate engineering change order, speed prototyping to improve margins, and collapse time to market. Arena has been ranked a Top 10 PLM provider and won the coveted Design News Golden Mousetrap Award in 2016. The Arena Supplier Item Lookup, powered by Octopart, gives users real-time supplier data.


PCB Libraries solutions streamline and automate significant parts of the PCB design process with its CAD LEAP™ (Libraries Enhanced with Automated Preferences) technology, which supports 23 CAD formats with Footprints, 3D STEP models, and (coming soon) Schematic Symbols. PCB Libraries also offers a database of over 1 million intelligent parts which can be batch-updated with dozens of user-defined settings.

Altium Designer is the leading PCB design tool worldwide. Backed by over 30 years of research and development experience, Altium Designer is used by companies ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to emerging startups. Connect your dynamic and intelligent data with the designs of the future.


Embedded Computing Design is the go-to trusted property for information regarding embedded design and development. We cultivate the largest global community of embedded designers through our content leadership channels, including blogs, design articles, videos, news, and product information. Coverage comes in the form of digital (websites, webinars, interactive magazines, newsletters, online education, apps, and traditional social media), print magazines, and live events. 


Ultra Librarian® is a PCB design solution offering library creation software and the world’s largest database of over 9 million CAD neutral library parts. Electronics designers have online access to pre-authored and verified parts with pricing and technical information to help them choose the best electronics components for their designs. Symbols, footprints, and 3D models from over 400 manufacturers can be exported to over 20 different CAD tools.                                                 

The best free-to-use PCB design software brings entrepreneurs and makers together in a vibrant and quickly-growing open source hardware community. Powerful technology built by Altium gives makers professional-grade tools to create sophisticated PCBs and share bold new projects every day. This community of designers can crowd-source libraries and fork cloud-based design content, adapting them into their own projects for production.

Upverter builds tools that remove the tedium out of hardware development. Their collaborative, web-based CAD tools make every step of PCB design easy, efficient, and pain-free. Teams of any size can collaborate without unnecessary duplication of effort. No more endless email threads with bulky attachments; timezones are never a limiting factor; communication latency drops from days to minutes; and your team's potential is fully unlocked. Upverter also integrates with Octopart, making creating new parts a breeze.


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