Company Tools Portal

Have you ever needed to update your credit card information mid-month? Settle a balance? Change contact information? I’m willing to bet the answer has been yes to all three. Did you know you’re able to achieve all of this and more through Octopart’s Company Tools Portal?

The Company Tools Portal empowers Distributors and Manufacturers to make important changes to their account, at any time, and without waiting for the assistance of an Account Executive.

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The Company Tools Portal is most commonly used to:

  • Upload a datafeed
  • Update a company address
  • Update credit card and billing information
  • Add/update the contacts who receive monthly invoices
  • Pay any open invoices
  • Download monthly click reports

To access the Company Tools Portal, visit If you do not have access to the Company Tools Portal, start by creating a personal account on Octopart from by clicking “Sign In” and “Create A New Account.” From here, we can link your personal Octopart Account to your Company’s Company Tools Account.

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How will you use the Company Tools Portal to improve your experience with Octopart?