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Inventory Listing

Connect with over 650,000 unique engineers, designers, and makers every month by listing your inventory information on Octopart's lightning-fast industry vertical search engine. This month-to-month subscription service connects you directly with builders that need your supply chain information to create the hardware devices of the future. Engineers and procurement professionals search for a part or keyword, and distributors are listed under matching parts. Listing inventory on Octopart also includes you in the tools engineers use to build and buy parts every day through our Octopart API partners, including CircuitMaker, Altium Designer, Cadence, Upverter, Autodesk, CircuitHub, Arena, Precogs, and Aligni. At the end of the month, you will receive a report detailing all of the clicks we referred to your website.

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Distributors listed beneath matching parts



Additional distributor information listed


Reach engineers and purchasers within the tools they use every day with branded display ads. Build brand awareness by running unlimited creatives through the Octopart network. Ads are shown on Octopart search results and part detail pages, and can be targeted by category, brand, or geolocation. We offer a giant 160 x 600 skyscraper size and host an unlimited number of creatives, so you have the best opportunity to spotlight new products and technology, build brand awareness, and market special offers directly to your ideal audience.

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Giant skyscraper banners on search results


Skyscraper banners run on part detail pages

Octopart Ad Network

Follow our audience of engineers and designers with sales-driving banner ads long after they leave Octopart. Connect Octopart users with your latest product information and new product introductions, which we'll display as banners on websites they visit after Octopart. You can even target users that view your competitor's parts. Your advertisement will show on the web and on their mobile devices to keep you on their minds. Geotargeting is available and we support a range of ad sizes.

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Promoted Parts and Cross Reference Ads

Connect your products with our targeted user base by appearing right under their keyword and part number searches on Octopart. When an Octopart user searches for a part, your sample request, new product introduction, or competitor cross reference part will appear prominently on page one of the search results. Make sure your part appears when an engineer searches for a competitor's part with these cross reference ads.

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Octopart Intelligence Reports

Get smart about what engineers are looking for: Octopart Intelligence Reports will tell you just what your audience wants. Our exclusive suite of reports gives marketers, data scientists, and analysts the most up-to-date actionable intelligence about activity within Octopart. See where your products stand with the Top Competitor Parts Report. This report includes the most-clicked parts from up to five competitors of your choice, with details like part number and category (with additional geographic information available). Determine hot products that may have low stock availability from your authorized distributors with the Top Parts Stock Report. Perfect for electronic component manufacturers, this report shows supply chain intelligence on thousands of your parts, including how popular they are by click and availability. Custom reports are also available: just ask!

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Take advantage of Octo-Dynamics, our proprietary keyword generator, to energize your digital marketing campaigns. Powered directly by client searches on Octopart, our keyword generation engine provides exclusive insights and keywords that are perfect to use in creating website content, paid advertising campaigns, and other search efforts. We continually monitor the keywords that engineers, designers, and makers are searching for across our solutions, and customize keywords for you to utilize in SEM, remarketing, and win-back digital programs outside of Octopart. Keywords are available by audience, product categories, or search behavior on Octopart. Each month, you'll receive a Data Science Sheet: targeted, timely custom keyword lists based on Octopart searches. Improve your SEM today with this unique intelligence product.

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Stock Look-Up

Perfect for component manufacturers, the Stock Look-Up Tool will display the current stock of your authorized distributors on your website. Help potential part buyers see how much stock is available by sending them to Octopart or implementing a search bar on your website. We also offer custom integrations with our API, which allows you to directly integrate distributors' stock onto your website and lets you completely control the look and feel of the table.

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Newsletter Content Marketing

Market relevant content and new product introductions to over ten thousand engineers, designers, and makers that subscribe to Octopart's monthly newsletter. Your product information will be delivered straight to the inboxes of the audience that matters to you along with the latest Octopart and industry news. The CircuitMaker Component Spotlight Email is ideal for introducing new products to CircuitMaker's quickly-growing audience of makers and entrepreneurs. Land your information in the inboxes of over 42,000 electronics professionals and enthusiasts.

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Octopart Newsletter Marketing


CircuitMaker Component Spotlight Email






Reference Design Placement

Get your reference designs in front of design engineers at critical moments early in the design process. Generate demand from within the PCB design tools that are being used by electrical and design engineers to bring their ideas to life: Altium Designer, the most widely used professional design software in the world, and CircuitMaker, a schematic and PCB design tool for the open source hardware community. Connect over 72,000 makers, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists on CircuitMaker and 29,000 Altium Designer users worldwide with the reference designs for your product today.


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