Octomyze at the 2017 ECIA Executive Conference


When it comes to networking with electronic component manufacturers and distributors, few events match the participation and firepower of the ECIA Executive Conference held each October in the Chicago area.

Attendees include representatives across all aspects of the electronic component supply chain. Typically, the speakers and prearranged topics of discussion include provocative and relevant trends across the electronic components and electronic manufacturing industries.  

Although this will not be my first ECIA Executive Conference, it will be my inaugural as a member of the Octopart/Octomyze team.  I am excited to network and share some of our positive messages:

1) Octopart traffic and value to customers are at an all-time high.

2) Our parent company Altium has made an exciting new acquisition with Upverter.

3) The Octomyze audience network is generating demand through unprecedented connection with engineers throughout the entire design process.

I am pleased to share that the Octomyze and Octopart team will have comprehensive participation at this year’s event.  Matt Lee, Anthony Abbate and Paul Huang will be joining me.  

Please reach out to us if you’d like to prearrange a meeting.  I look forward to seeing old colleagues and meeting new, interesting folks!

- Dan Schoenfelder