Retargeting with Octomyze


With over 700,000 engineers, designers, and makers, the Octopart audience is larger than ever. You may be familiar with how the Octomyze network allows you to connect with Octopart users while they browse for parts, but did you know that you can continue that connection long after they’ve left the site?

Retargeting with Octomyze gives you the power to place your brand in front of Octopart users anywhere on the web, social media, and even across devices.

Why Retarget?

Retargeting is a powerful way to showcase your brand to an already engaged and defined audience. Whether it’s a Youtube video, in a Facebook feed, desktop, mobile phone, or anywhere else on the web, retargeting allows you to display your message wherever the user goes after they’ve visited Octopart, regardless of whether or not they made a purchase. Think of it as a second chance to convert a window shopper into a customer even after they’ve left the store.


Retargeting offers you a virtually unlimited number of opportunities to engage with the Octopart user. Impressions are determined by a user’s behavior on the web and your daily budget, not by available ad space on a specific page. By choosing to retarget with Octomyze, your potential number of impressions will increase exponentially.


Not currently running a campaign on the Octomyze network? Retargeting provides you with an opportunity to reach our ever-growing user base regardless of whether or not you are currently advertising on Octopart.

Cost Effective

Get more bang for your buck when you retarget with Octomyze. Retargeting allows you to dramatically increase your impressions without dramatically increasing your ad spend. You set your daily budget and we'll do the rest to make sure you get maximum exposure to our valuable audience. 

With powerful controls that allow you to decide who to retarget and when, maximizing the impact of your advertising on the Octomyze network has never been more effective.

Interested in expanding your brand’s reach with retargeting on the Octomyze network? Contact your Demand Generation Expert today for more information or drop us a line at [email protected].