Octopart by the Numbers



It's been a long time since we shared statistics about the Octopart audience, engagement levels, and the data found on Octopart. Below I've laid out a few metrics we closely monitor at Octopart, as well as other metrics here just to satisfy curiosity. We hope this will give you some insight on how widely used Octopart is and the amount of data we're constantly processing to maintain a high-quality user experience.

What's available?

  • 40.5 million part numbers, of which 13.9 million have in-stock offers
  • Approximately 5 million parts are updated every day
  • 247 distributors
  • 8,143 manufacturers

Visitor engagement

  • 650,000 visitors per month
  • Over 1 million visitor sessions per month
  • Each month we handle over 850,000 search queries, 40% of these are search phrases we only saw once

Audience demographics

  • Geographic make up of audience: 45% Americas, 33% Europe, 20% Asia, 1% Oceania, 1% Africa
  • Top 10 visitor countries:  1. United States, 2. Germany, 3. India, 4. Canada, 5. United Kingdom, 6. France, 7. Russia, 8. Mexico, 9. Italy, 10. Japan
  • 93% of visits occur on a desktop or laptop computer, with 7% happening on a tablet or mobile phone

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