Octomyze Welcomes Upverter to the Altium Family


The Octomyze team would like to welcome Upverter to the Altium family, which includes the previously acquired startups Octopart and Ciiva back in 2015.

Upverter is the world’s leading cloud-based electronic design software. Their focus is on enabling engineers to rapidly design next-generation electronics and IOT devices in the cloud, for free.

Octopart shares Upverter’s belief that the best tools should streamline the design engineer’s workflow, not slow it down. Both Octopart and Upverter are driven by the desire to make the design process faster, easier, and more intuitive for everyone.

As a long-time partner within the Octomyze network, Upverter already utilized Octopart as a feature within their system, and now that both teams are under the same roof, that collaboration will only deepen.

This acquisition will mean more opportunities coming down the road for distributors and manufacturers partnering with Octomyze on demand generation.

Please contact your Demand Generation Experts to find out more.