Octomyze Audience Partner Spotlight: EMA

Last May, Ultra Librarian joined the Octomyze Audience Network. Owned by EMA Design Automation, Ultra Librarian is a cloud-based CAD library with over 12 million components aimed to speed up design.

We’re excited to announce that EMA Design Automation has further integrated the Octopart API into two more products: OrCAD Capture and OrCAD Component Information Portal (CIP). OrCAD Capture is a fast and intuitive PCB schematic design solution and OrCAD CIP is a database management and online component research environment.

Ultra Librarian

On Ultralibrarian.com, EMA has made it quick and easy to find the footprints and symbols needed for design. With the integration of Octopart’s API, design engineers are able to make smart decisions with insight into the supply chain.

OrCAD Capture

The OrCAD Capture solution integrates everything needed for circuit design all the way to signal integrity planning.

OrCAD Capture integrates the Octopart API (via Ultra Librarian for OrCAD) in order to bring component availability to design engineers early on in the design cycle.


OrCAD CIP provides an intuitive interface to maintain component information and helps facilitate component research on downloadable component content for millions of parts.

 The OrCAD CIP integration allows design engineers to check availability of a part number across multiple distributors.

The partnership with Octomyze allows EMA to utilize Octopart’s API to marry component search with design. Distributors and manufacturers on Octopart.com also gain further exposure with an active design audience.

To learn more about working with Octomyze or Octopart, contact us today!