Octopart Product Update: The Improved Way To Search For Parts

Last week, Octopart, the leading search engine and resource for accurate and complete data for electronic components, released a new update to the Octopart search interface.  Through improved category navigation and smarter filter suggestions, design engineers, purchasers, and makers are now able to come to Octopart and find the correct part without knowing the MPN.

Here’s an outline of what’s new:

  • Faster Category Navigation
    • The new category system, which is always in the top bar, features the entire category tree, allowing engineers to see how parts are related.
  • Smarter Filter Suggestions
    • A new algorithm developed by Octopart’s in-house electrical engineers provides technical specifications most relevant to your search.
  • Improved Filter Dialog
    • More options to filter results by, i.e. value, number of results.
  • Layout Optimized for Split Screen
    • Easily use side by side with Excel or any other tool.

Most importantly, improving the parametric search features means engineers can now find the parts that fit their needs when they only know a few details. As a distributor or manufacturer listing your inventory on Octopart, now more than ever, it is important to remain competitive and provide the most complete and accurate information.

As Octopart continues to set the bar in streamlining the engineering workflow, the entire Octomyze Audience Network of the industry’s leading engineering and design resources becomes stronger. This network includes Octopart, Altium Designer, Aperza, CircuitMaker, Arena Solutions, Embedded Computing Design, and Upverter.

If you are a distributor or manufacturer, market your components to your exact customer by utilizing the Octomyze Audience Network. As a result, your components might win the final design.

For any questions about Octomyze or if you would like to speak to one of our Demand Generation Experts about marketing opportunities we have available, contact us today.