Octomyze Audience Partner Spotlight: Aperza

The solutions offered through Octomyze target a global market of working designers, engineers, and procurement professionals. With the addition of Aperza as an Octomyze Partner at the beginning of 2017, our Audience Network has gained greater depth and access to the asian manufacturing market.

Aperza reaches engineers focused in one of Japan’s core industries, manufacturing, serving as their product and price search portal for industrial supplies. From design and R&D to purchasing and support services, Aperza’s users represent a diverse range of ages, career levels, and job functions. As part of the Aperza, Inc network of industrial media portals, Japanese decision-makers throughout the manufacturing lifecycle use this search functionality to locate products and services, to benefit companies of any size.

By joining the Octomyze Audience Network, Aperza has gained access to supply chain data for millions of electronic components and semiconductors through their integration with Octopart. Their industry portal can now offer a more in-depth gateway from research to purchase, providing board level components to supply every aspect of an engineer’s needs throughout a design and production cycle.

This partnership expands the pool of manufacturing professionals that our supplier and distributor customers are able to access. Listing your products on Octomyze syndicates your brands and your inventory to this targeted marketplace, and increases your opportunities at no added cost.

To learn more about working with Octomyze, whether as an Audience Partner or by providing your part and supply chain data, contact us today!