The Octomyze Marketing Engine

As you may know, Octomyze is a growing audience network of the industry’s leading engineering and design resources: Octopart, Altium Designer, Aperza, CircuitMaker, Arena Solutions, Embedded Computing Design, and Upverter. By connecting with a wide-reaching audience, we provide a unique set of marketing and advertising opportunities to distributors and manufacturers that work with Octomyze. We call it the Octomyze Marketing Engine.

The infographic below illustrates how the Octomyze Marketing Engine drives demand generation for the component industry. If you are a distributor or manufacturer, market your components to your exact customer by utilizing the Octomyze Audience Network. As a result, your components might win the final design.

If you have any questions about Octomyze or would like to speak to one of our Demand Generation Experts about marketing opportunities we have available, contact us today.