Octomyze Solution Spotlight: Octopart Reports

Each month, Octopart lists over 40 million parts, 6 million with active datasheets, receiving over 800,000 part page views and 400,000 clicks to our distribution partners. With this much data, there’s lots of information we’d love to share with our channel partners. Here are just a few ways that Octopart Intelligence Reports can benefit your team today!

For Manufacturers

We’ll help you track trends. Have new part lines led to an increase in datasheet downloads? Has there been a shift in your marketing strategy that’s led to a spike in part searches or page views? We can present shifts in your Octopart traffic, the activity of your distribution channel, and the geographic breakdown of the users interested in your parts. But we can also offer more comprehensive reports for analysis.

Top Competitor Parts Report

Tell us your competitors and we’ll share a perspective on the performance of their top parts. This can convey overall industry trends, identify cross-reference opportunities, and get a sense for how your parts perform on Octopart versus your competition. We provide their top-clicked part numbers, the categories they represent, and a link to the Octopart page.

Monthly Top Parts Stock Report

We provide you with a list of up to 10,000 of your most active parts and a comparison of their changes month over month. Plus, we’ll include supply chain information like number of Authorized Distributors listing each part and the number of distributors that have stock to aid your channel teams when deciding what lines should be pushed. This can help you realize gaps in your distribution and recognize the needs of the market.

For Distributors

We’ll ensure you’re getting the most out of your Octopart listings. For click traffic, we’ll show you what brands you’re seeing the most success with and which regions of the world drive traffic to your site. The data can show trends in click volume based on offer ranking and other ad campaigns you may be running.

Monthly Top Parts Report

Every month, the 10,000 parts with the most clicks across all manufacturers on Octopart. For each component, see whether you currently have an offer, have stock, and what percentage of the month’s clicks you received. Identify underperforming lines, learn what part families to stock up on, and make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities to sell.

Are we missing something? Need more specific data for your web or product teams? Hoping to track specific metrics for your marketing team? Let us know and we’ll try to craft the perfect custom report to meet your needs.