The Benefits of International Pricing

With our core value of connecting engineers to the electronic components industry throughout the entire design process, Octomyze is proud that at every stage we’ve reached a worldwide audience. Engineers depend on the access to technical part specs, quantity in stock, and pricing information we provide with Octopart and through our Octomyze partners, so ensuring that Octopart displays current data from distributors is of paramount concern. With more than half of Octopart searches coming from outside of the US, we are continually striving to improve our international experience. Thus, we encourage adding additional price breaks in any foreign currencies to your datafile, with the intent of improving our content and user experience, and maintaining long-standing relationships with buyers.

There are numerous benefits to having regional pricing and inventory information available for all markets serviced. While we can convert US prices to international currencies, this may not reflect the actual regional pricing on a distributor’s product page. Submitting this additional information along with local currencies in your data file ensures the best possible experience for people who use Octopart all over the world.

With the fast-paced growth rate of the engineering and design community worldwide, we will continually advocate for any data that may make the experience of searching for electronic component information on Octopart abroad more robust. Please review our outline for updating your feed, and you may also contact us directly with any additional questions.