How Good is Your Data(feed)?


Good information is vital for part discovery and selection. Every month, over 600,000 unique users visit Octopart to search for electronic components. A majority (~70%) come directly from organic search (Google, Bing, etc), though over 50% have visited Octopart before. Whether searching for a specific MPN, populating a BOM list, or using parametric filters to discover new parts, Octopart users value great part data, datasheets, and certifications.

Today, Octopart’s 42+ million parts, tools, and kits have been assembled by collecting data from our distribution partners. Every day, we receive datafeeds from over 100 distributors to populate descriptions, technical specifications, images, and datasheets as well as specific inventory quantities, MOQs, pricing and price break data. Our part details pages are created by highlighting the best submissions and listing a full compilation from all sources, each source attributed and linked back to our partners. So the more data we receive, the more opportunities to showcase our partner’s strengths. You may ask, “What can I do to improve the quality of data I’m sending you?”


Octopart treats manufacturer direct datafeeds as the ideal. Your descriptions and images are always our primary selection to display, helping our users recognize and select your components with ease. Regular updates ensure that our engineers have the most accurate technical data and datasheets during their product design, and any documentation or certifications (ROHS, REACH, etc) help our supply chain and procurement professionals in their purchasing process. Additionally, robust technical specifications help us make it easier for everyone to find your parts.


Submitting a daily feed with accurate quantities and prices is of course the most important. But are you including all your price breaks? Do you offer your parts in different currencies, or have different warehouses and quantities for different countries and regions? We can also display packaging type and list multiple offers for different packagings. The more information you’re able to provide in this way helps our users to make an educated decision in selecting you as their distributor of choice!

For more information on what to include and how to submit your datafeed, please check out our Datafeed Format page! You can also download a sample tsv or csv datafeed file or reach out us directly at [email protected].