New Octomyze Partner: Aperza!

Today, we’re pleased to announce our latest Octomyze partnership with Aperza, Inc., a leading Japanese manufacturing portal that provides engineers data, pricing, and availability for industrial supplies. Using the Octopart search system, Aperza will be expanding the product depth and detail to include electronic components and semiconductors, as well as increasing their network of distributors and manufacturers.

Aperza’s goal is to eliminate the barriers of information, transaction, and communication in the Japanese manufacturing industry. The gateways that Aperza, Inc. operates provide news, catalog information, and industrial supplies search for engineers, helping manufacturers and distributors to connect with engineers and industry professionals across Asia.

“We are excited about partnering with Octomyze as our first global partner, allowing us to provide our audience with Octopart’s vast amount of product information,” stated Makoto Ishihara, CEO of Aperza, Inc. "This is the first partnership of its size designed to bring electronic parts data to the Japanese market. As a leading site for the manufacturing industry in Japan, our mission is to provide product, pricing and availability information to our users, who are design engineers, makers, R&D, and purchasing professionals in Japan. With this partnership, Octomyze now provides us with information on over 40 million electronic components from the Octopart search engine. This also creates new business opportunities in Japan for Octomyze distributors,” continued Ishihara.

"We are pleased that Aperza has joined Octomyze as our newest audience, syndicating the supply chain power of Octopart to a fast-growing manufacturing user base in Japan,” said Christopher Calvi, Head of Octomyze and Octopart. “This augments Aperza's capabilities with comprehensive information about the electronic components supply chain, and generates additional demand for Octomyze distributors."

This relationship reinforces the global reach of the Octomyze network, growing our audience of engineers and industry professionals and expanding Octopart’s recognition in Japan. Aperza users gain access to a greater variety of electronic components and semiconductors and exposure to a wide variety of global distributors and manufacturers.