Stock Look-Up and Octopart’s Data

Octopart normalizes data from over 200 sources and updates 5 million parts on a daily basis. Instead of dealing with a multitude of sources, Octopart presents supply chain data in a single, clean source.  With this data in hand, the Octomyze team is able to provide a valuable service to manufacturers – Stock Look-Up.

 Using Octopart’s Stock Look-Up tool, manufacturers can enhance their websites by making it simple for customers to view distributors’ pricing and availability with just one click. Octopart can add direct hyperlinks or a search box that leads customers directly to an Octopart search, allowing potential customers to easily check stock availability and pricing. Manufacturers can also use the Octopart API to query the Octopart database in real time, directly linking to distributors while having complete control of the look and feel of the site. Here are examples of what others are doing.

Direct Links

This method is straightforward to implement and involves simply linking to search results on Octopart. An example can be seen on Orion Fan’s website with the Buy Now buttons that link to Octopart search results


Search Box

This method is similar to Direct Links, but is better suited if the customer already knows the part number and would prefer to type it into a search box. The implementation of the search box is also straightforward and involves modifying and pasting an HTML snippet onto your website. 

Custom Integration

This method involves the direct integration of pricing and availability to your website via the Octopart API. This provides complete control to the manufacturer on the presentation of pricing and availability as well as links directly to the distributors’ product page. Here’s a great example of how Silicon Labs uses the API.

If you’re interested in learning how to add these capabilities to your site, contact us to learn more at [email protected]