The Octo in Octomyze

Octomyze is all about demand generation for manufacturers and distributors. Our goal is to offer unprecedented ways to connect you with valuable engineer audiences. You'll notice that the word "audiences" is plural, and rightfully so! The Octomyze ecosystem not only includes the super fast part search engine, Octopart, but also the products of our parent company, Altium, and a broader network beyond that.

This network includes both the leading PCB design software, Altium Designer, and its collaborative younger sibling for makers, CircuitMaker. Other properties in the network include Arena and Upverter.

Octomyze started as an offshoot of Octopart when we realized it was mixed messaging for our business development and sales team to go to market with a single product brand (Octopart), when we offer a growing suite of ways for manufacturers and distributors to connect with engineers.

Octopart started as a part search engine in 2007 by a trio of experimental physicists who were having trouble finding components for their projects. Over the years, the audience exploded to over half a million users each month, and Octopart expanded beyond search. This growth included the Octopart APIBOM ToolExcel Add-In, and most recently, the Octopart Common Parts Library.

By the time Octopart was acquired by Altium in 2015, our minds were already buzzing with new opportunities to better connect manufacturers and distributors with engineers. From reference design inclusion within Altium Designer to integrating the Octopart API in CircuitMaker, our team quickly began offering opportunities in addition to the core Octopart offerings.

Today we are just beginning to scratch the surface of the ultimate demand generation potential that Octomyze will enable. If you're a manufacturer or distributor looking to engage engineers, please contact us now to schedule a strategy conversation about how your brand can leverage the audiences in the Octomyze network.