What's New at Octopart?

Octomyze generates demand for distributors and manufacturers through our unprecedented connection with engineers. The primary channel for these interactions today is through Octopart, the lightning-fast electronic component search engine built for engineers creating the next generation of hardware.

Our product and engineering teams are constantly innovating on the Octopart experience. While the engineers are the primary beneficiaries of these product updates, we want to be sure our distributor and manufacturer partners are kept up-to-date with the latest changes happening across Octopart.

From font changes (did you meet Lato?) to the release of a major Common Parts Library update, Octopart keeps getting better. The BOM Tool also received significant upgrades to the import flow and better BOM line management.

But there are smaller changes happening on Octopart every day that you might have missed. The initial page load of the site is now speedier thanks to some recent backend upgrades. And the search results page has underwent some noticeable UX improvements - including revamped filtering and a cleaner display of supply chain data.

Here at Octomyze, our focus is on connecting the engineer and the component industry, but we shouldn’t forget to let you know that Octopart is critical to that mission - and it gets better all the time.

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