Expanding Your View of Millennials

On my commute one morning, I ran across an interesting article in the New York Times highlighting how businesses are pouring resources into deciphering who Millennials are and what the "best practices" are for managing the demographic. This wasn't the typical article further defining Millennials. Rather, it pointed out that the perception we hold today of Millennials is grossly misconstrued due to an oversimplification of macro-scale demographic trends. With that in mind, we encourage marketers in the industry to continually broaden their suite of analytics and data insights.

What prompted me to think about this article in the context of Octomyze was this particular sentence:

“Thanks to social media, smartphones and reams of searchable data, companies can now track their customers and workers in far more precise ways than simply noting their age cohort.”

In 2015, Octopart had about 5.5 million users visit the site with about 4.5 million clicks sent to participating distributors. With this vast audience, Octopart has the ability to provide insight into what the users are looking for on a specific part number basis (and more).

We view our customizable reports as living products that continually improve with input from our clients. So first, let me touch on the reports we have today.

Octopart Intelligence Reports: Top Competitor Parts Report

This report gives manufactures the ability to see how their products stand up against give competitors of choice.

Octopart Intelligence Reports: Top Parts Stock Report

Manufacturers can examine their most clicked on parts along with availability in authorized distributors. Don’t let a popular part be out of stock in an important channel.


This propriety keyword generator is used to energize digital marketing campaigns. We give distributors the ability to look at the top clicked on parts and various other related pieces of data. This specific behavior can feed into SEM, remarketing, win-back programs and more.

These are just examples of the kinds of insights and solutions we can bring to you.

My goal is not only to introduce our analytics, but to also start a conversation. Here’s another New York Times article from last year. The entirety of the article highlights businesses shifting their entire focus around Millennials based off of (yet again) macro-scale demographic trends or an over-reliance on one hyper-analyzed aspect of behavior.

If one were to only buy Octopart Reports, there would be an over-abundance of data on young, design engineers that come from innovative companies (ask us about our user survey). The Octopart Audience is valuable as part of the greater picture of the electronics industry today. What analytics is your company missing? What types of information has your company found useful? As it is today, Octopart brings a truly unique insight into the engineering community but we’re also anxious to learn more about what works for you. 

 Reach out to us at [email protected] to begin the conversation.