New Octopart Tools for Distributors and Manufacturers

Great news: the Distributors and Manufacturers of Octopart have new tools to make working with Octopart easier!

Our Company Tools dashboard ( has been updated to offer new resources and allow easier updating of company information. This portal was originally used for submitting inventory feed files or doing mass updates of information, but we’ve made things much more straightforward and easy to access. Check out the new sections below!


You can upload your inventory feed file directly to Octopart here. Or if you’re regularly emailing [email protected] to submit your file, you can update the email address that you’re using so our system can recognize the file.

As the homepage of the Company Tools portal, we’ll also alert you to any problems with your account, like a missing, expired, or declined credit card. 

Pasted image at 2016_10_27 02_07 PM.png


Company moving? New point of contact for Octopart to work with? Update your contact information directly here, so Octopart is always working with the right people.


We’ve made seeing and paying your monthly bill much easier! Now you can see open invoices, pay any outstanding amounts immediately, and update the email addresses we send your monthly invoice.

You’ll be notified immediately if your “Pay Now” request has been approved or declined.

Credit card expiring? New Billing address needed for your invoices and credit card? You can still securely update any of your credit card information or the billing address.


New to the Company Tools portal is a way to view past Click and RFQ reports. Beginning with October 2016 reports, you will be able to view and download any of your monthly reports directly from the Reports tab.

You’ll also be able to update the email addresses you’d like the reports sent to each month.

Please feel free to check out all the new sections of your Company Tools portal, update any missing or outdated information, and provide any feedback or suggestions you have to [email protected]. We hope you like these new changes!