Company Tools Portal

Have you ever needed to update your credit card information mid-month? Settle a balance? Change contact information? I’m willing to bet the answer has been yes to all three. Did you know you’re able to achieve all of this and more through Octopart’s Company Tools Portal?

The Company Tools Portal empowers Distributors and Manufacturers to make important changes to their account, at any time, and without waiting for the assistance of an Account Executive.

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The Company Tools Portal is most commonly used to:

  • Upload a datafeed
  • Update a company address
  • Update credit card and billing information
  • Add/update the contacts who receive monthly invoices
  • Pay any open invoices
  • Download monthly click reports

To access the Company Tools Portal, visit If you do not have access to the Company Tools Portal, start by creating a personal account on Octopart from by clicking “Sign In” and “Create A New Account.” From here, we can link your personal Octopart Account to your Company’s Company Tools Account.

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How will you use the Company Tools Portal to improve your experience with Octopart?

Octomyze Welcomes Upverter to the Altium Family


The Octomyze team would like to welcome Upverter to the Altium family, which includes the previously acquired startups Octopart and Ciiva back in 2015.

Upverter is the world’s leading cloud-based electronic design software. Their focus is on enabling engineers to rapidly design next-generation electronics and IOT devices in the cloud, for free.

Octopart shares Upverter’s belief that the best tools should streamline the design engineer’s workflow, not slow it down. Both Octopart and Upverter are driven by the desire to make the design process faster, easier, and more intuitive for everyone.

As a long-time partner within the Octomyze network, Upverter already utilized Octopart as a feature within their system, and now that both teams are under the same roof, that collaboration will only deepen.

This acquisition will mean more opportunities coming down the road for distributors and manufacturers partnering with Octomyze on demand generation.

Please contact your Demand Generation Experts to find out more.

Octomyze Audience Partner Spotlight: EMA

Last May, Ultra Librarian joined the Octomyze Audience Network. Owned by EMA Design Automation, Ultra Librarian is a cloud-based CAD library with over 12 million components aimed to speed up design.

We’re excited to announce that EMA Design Automation has further integrated the Octopart API into two more products: OrCAD Capture and OrCAD Component Information Portal (CIP). OrCAD Capture is a fast and intuitive PCB schematic design solution and OrCAD CIP is a database management and online component research environment.

Ultra Librarian

On, EMA has made it quick and easy to find the footprints and symbols needed for design. With the integration of Octopart’s API, design engineers are able to make smart decisions with insight into the supply chain.

OrCAD Capture

The OrCAD Capture solution integrates everything needed for circuit design all the way to signal integrity planning.

OrCAD Capture integrates the Octopart API (via Ultra Librarian for OrCAD) in order to bring component availability to design engineers early on in the design cycle.


OrCAD CIP provides an intuitive interface to maintain component information and helps facilitate component research on downloadable component content for millions of parts.

 The OrCAD CIP integration allows design engineers to check availability of a part number across multiple distributors.

The partnership with Octomyze allows EMA to utilize Octopart’s API to marry component search with design. Distributors and manufacturers on also gain further exposure with an active design audience.

To learn more about working with Octomyze or Octopart, contact us today!

Octopart Product Update: The Improved Way To Search For Parts

Last week, Octopart, the leading search engine and resource for accurate and complete data for electronic components, released a new update to the Octopart search interface.  Through improved category navigation and smarter filter suggestions, design engineers, purchasers, and makers are now able to come to Octopart and find the correct part without knowing the MPN.

Here’s an outline of what’s new:

  • Faster Category Navigation
    • The new category system, which is always in the top bar, features the entire category tree, allowing engineers to see how parts are related.
  • Smarter Filter Suggestions
    • A new algorithm developed by Octopart’s in-house electrical engineers provides technical specifications most relevant to your search.
  • Improved Filter Dialog
    • More options to filter results by, i.e. value, number of results.
  • Layout Optimized for Split Screen
    • Easily use side by side with Excel or any other tool.

Most importantly, improving the parametric search features means engineers can now find the parts that fit their needs when they only know a few details. As a distributor or manufacturer listing your inventory on Octopart, now more than ever, it is important to remain competitive and provide the most complete and accurate information.

As Octopart continues to set the bar in streamlining the engineering workflow, the entire Octomyze Audience Network of the industry’s leading engineering and design resources becomes stronger. This network includes Octopart, Altium Designer, Aperza, CircuitMaker, Arena Solutions, Embedded Computing Design, and Upverter.

If you are a distributor or manufacturer, market your components to your exact customer by utilizing the Octomyze Audience Network. As a result, your components might win the final design.

For any questions about Octomyze or if you would like to speak to one of our Demand Generation Experts about marketing opportunities we have available, contact us today.

Octomyze Welcomes Dan Schoenfelder as VP Business Development

We are pleased to announce that electronic component industry veteran, Dan Schoenfelder, has joined Octopart as VP Business Development, heading up the Octomyze team.

Dan is tasked with generating demand - in the form of new customers and increased sales volume - for the component industry through Octomyze’s unprecedented connection with engineers throughout the entire design process.

Dan is based in Colorado and previously held senior positions in digital sales and supply chain management at Arrow Electronics and Flextronics.

Many of the marketing pros at the distributors and manufacturers partnering with Octomyze already know Dan. For those of you who don’t, Dan is eager to get to know you in the near future.

You can reach Dan Schoenfelder at [email protected] to find out what’s coming up next for Octomyze!