Octomyze Welcomes Dan Schoenfelder as VP Business Development

We are pleased to announce that electronic component industry veteran, Dan Schoenfelder, has joined Octopart as VP Business Development, heading up the Octomyze team.

Dan is tasked with generating demand - in the form of new customers and increased sales volume - for the component industry through Octomyze’s unprecedented connection with engineers throughout the entire design process.

Dan is based in Colorado and previously held senior positions in digital sales and supply chain management at Arrow Electronics and Flextronics.

Many of the marketing pros at the distributors and manufacturers partnering with Octomyze already know Dan. For those of you who don’t, Dan is eager to get to know you in the near future.

You can reach Dan Schoenfelder at [email protected] to find out what’s coming up next for Octomyze!

Octomyze Audience Partner Spotlight: Aperza

The solutions offered through Octomyze target a global market of working designers, engineers, and procurement professionals. With the addition of Aperza as an Octomyze Partner at the beginning of 2017, our Audience Network has gained greater depth and access to the asian manufacturing market.

Aperza reaches engineers focused in one of Japan’s core industries, manufacturing, serving as their product and price search portal for industrial supplies. From design and R&D to purchasing and support services, Aperza’s users represent a diverse range of ages, career levels, and job functions. As part of the Aperza, Inc network of industrial media portals, Japanese decision-makers throughout the manufacturing lifecycle use this search functionality to locate products and services, to benefit companies of any size.

By joining the Octomyze Audience Network, Aperza has gained access to supply chain data for millions of electronic components and semiconductors through their integration with Octopart. Their industry portal can now offer a more in-depth gateway from research to purchase, providing board level components to supply every aspect of an engineer’s needs throughout a design and production cycle.

This partnership expands the pool of manufacturing professionals that our supplier and distributor customers are able to access. Listing your products on Octomyze syndicates your brands and your inventory to this targeted marketplace, and increases your opportunities at no added cost.

To learn more about working with Octomyze, whether as an Audience Partner or by providing your part and supply chain data, contact us today!

New Octomyze Partner: Ultra Librarian

Ultra Librarian, the PCB design solution offering library creation software and the world’s largest database of CAD neutral library parts owned by EMA Design Automation, is joining Octomyze!

A new integration with Octomyze audience partner Octopart, the powerful search engine for electronic components, will allow engineers to see electronic component pricing and technical information along with the pre-authored and verified parts to help them quickly choose the best electronic components for their designs. The integration between Ultra Librarian and Octopart offers even more exposure to key design audiences through the Octomyze network.

“Many design engineers turn to Ultra Librarian for symbols, footprints, and 3D models. Octomyze is proud to be partnering with them to provide Octopart-powered pricing and availability information at a critical point in the design process,” said Christopher Calvi, head of Octopart and Octomyze. “The Ultra Librarian integration is a prime example of providing more value to the engineer, while generating more demand for electronic component distributors and manufacturers.”

“Adding Octopart pricing and component data to Ultra Librarian gives our customers key information for making intelligent part selections early in the design process,” said Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA Design Automation.  “This new information adds to the Ultra Librarian goal of being the gold standard of EDA libraries by providing a one stop shop for all of an engineer’s library needs.”

The Octomyze network also includes Octopart, the powerful search engine for electronic components; Altium Designer, the leading PCB design tool worldwide; CircuitMaker, the free, easy to use PCB design tool for the open source hardware community; Upverter, the collaborative, web-based CAD tool provider; and Arena Solutions, one of the original cloud PLM providers; media company Embedded Computing Design, Japanese product marketplace Aperza; and intelligent footprint, 3D models, and schematic symbols database PCB Libraries.

Octomyze’s goal is to drive demand generation for the component industry through our unprecedented connection with engineers throughout the entire design process. If you’re interested in exploring our myriad opportunities and solutions to help your products reach this wide audience as well, please contact us.

Who is Looking for Your Components? Octopart’s Survey Insights

Octopart, the powerful electronic components search engine and an Octomyze audience, recently surveyed the people that use it on a regular basis. The survey revealed interesting insights into Octopart visitors’ purchasing behavior and purchasing responsibilities, as well as their preferred resources for researching and procuring components. If you are a distributor or manufacturer that works (or would like to work) with Octomyze, we hope to provide some insight and satisfy your curiosity with these findings, which illustrate the reach the Octomyze Audience Network offers.

Octopart asked survey respondents to indicate the industries they work in. Since multiple responses were allowed for this question, some people indicated working in multiple industries.


Which of the following describes your industry?

Consumer electronics was the most popular response. People using Octopart to research electronic component information are primarily creating new technology to go to market. It was interesting to see other industries such as industrial machinery, tools and equipment, aerospace and defense, medical, education, and more come up in survey results as well.

When asked to identify their primary job function, there was a clear majority. This question required them to pick only one option.

Which of the following describes your job function?

Nearly 30% of people indicated design engineer as their primary job function. This means almost a third of the people who took the survey are making electronic component design decisions on Octopart. These design engineers use Octopart to find and select electronic components to design into the electronics they create. Purchasing professionals that use Octopart for component procurement and quoting made up about 18% of the responses, and the third most popular response was R&D, which made up about 17% of the results.Together the top three job functions make up the majority of everyone who took the survey.

What about the remaining ~36%? This group of survey respondents was also very diverse. There are people in marketing and sales, electronics hobbyists, consulting engineers, educators, architects, and more.

The survey respondents’ ages varied but are relatively evenly distributed among three cohorts – 21-30 (23%), 31-40 (26%), and 41-50 (23%). This finding is interesting because it indicates that people use Octopart throughout their careers  — from young engineers just entering the workforce through seasoned designers.

The majority of the survey respondents were located in North America (51%), however, Octopart’s reach is far wider. 32% of the people surveyed were located in Europe, and the remaining 17% were distributed throughout South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

What does this tell you as a marketer? Octopart’s user network is very diverse in age and location. While there is a significant diversity of job functions and industries, most of the people Octopart surveyed are design engineers or procurement professionals at consumer electronics companies. Octomyze offers many customizable opportunities to help connect you with the professionals that use Octopart to find, compare, and select electronic components. Contact our Demand Generation Experts today for more information.

The Octomyze Marketing Engine

As you may know, Octomyze is a growing audience network of the industry’s leading engineering and design resources: Octopart, Altium Designer, Aperza, CircuitMaker, Arena Solutions, Embedded Computing Design, and Upverter. By connecting with a wide-reaching audience, we provide a unique set of marketing and advertising opportunities to distributors and manufacturers that work with Octomyze. We call it the Octomyze Marketing Engine.

The infographic below illustrates how the Octomyze Marketing Engine drives demand generation for the component industry. If you are a distributor or manufacturer, market your components to your exact customer by utilizing the Octomyze Audience Network. As a result, your components might win the final design.

If you have any questions about Octomyze or would like to speak to one of our Demand Generation Experts about marketing opportunities we have available, contact us today.