How Good is Your Data(feed)?


Good information is vital for part discovery and selection. Every month, over 600,000 unique users visit Octopart to search for electronic components. A majority (~70%) come directly from organic search (Google, Bing, etc), though over 50% have visited Octopart before. Whether searching for a specific MPN, populating a BOM list, or using parametric filters to discover new parts, Octopart users value great part data, datasheets, and certifications.

Today, Octopart’s 42+ million parts, tools, and kits have been assembled by collecting data from our distribution partners. Every day, we receive datafeeds from over 100 distributors to populate descriptions, technical specifications, images, and datasheets as well as specific inventory quantities, MOQs, pricing and price break data. Our part details pages are created by highlighting the best submissions and listing a full compilation from all sources, each source attributed and linked back to our partners. So the more data we receive, the more opportunities to showcase our partner’s strengths. You may ask, “What can I do to improve the quality of data I’m sending you?”


Octopart treats manufacturer direct datafeeds as the ideal. Your descriptions and images are always our primary selection to display, helping our users recognize and select your components with ease. Regular updates ensure that our engineers have the most accurate technical data and datasheets during their product design, and any documentation or certifications (ROHS, REACH, etc) help our supply chain and procurement professionals in their purchasing process. Additionally, robust technical specifications help us make it easier for everyone to find your parts.


Submitting a daily feed with accurate quantities and prices is of course the most important. But are you including all your price breaks? Do you offer your parts in different currencies, or have different warehouses and quantities for different countries and regions? We can also display packaging type and list multiple offers for different packagings. The more information you’re able to provide in this way helps our users to make an educated decision in selecting you as their distributor of choice!

For more information on what to include and how to submit your datafeed, please check out our Datafeed Format page! You can also download a sample tsv or csv datafeed file or reach out us directly at [email protected].

Retargeting with Octomyze


With over 700,000 engineers, designers, and makers, the Octopart audience is larger than ever. You may be familiar with how the Octomyze network allows you to connect with Octopart users while they browse for parts, but did you know that you can continue that connection long after they’ve left the site?

Retargeting with Octomyze gives you the power to place your brand in front of Octopart users anywhere on the web, social media, and even across devices.

Why Retarget?

Retargeting is a powerful way to showcase your brand to an already engaged and defined audience. Whether it’s a Youtube video, in a Facebook feed, desktop, mobile phone, or anywhere else on the web, retargeting allows you to display your message wherever the user goes after they’ve visited Octopart, regardless of whether or not they made a purchase. Think of it as a second chance to convert a window shopper into a customer even after they’ve left the store.


Retargeting offers you a virtually unlimited number of opportunities to engage with the Octopart user. Impressions are determined by a user’s behavior on the web and your daily budget, not by available ad space on a specific page. By choosing to retarget with Octomyze, your potential number of impressions will increase exponentially.


Not currently running a campaign on the Octomyze network? Retargeting provides you with an opportunity to reach our ever-growing user base regardless of whether or not you are currently advertising on Octopart.

Cost Effective

Get more bang for your buck when you retarget with Octomyze. Retargeting allows you to dramatically increase your impressions without dramatically increasing your ad spend. You set your daily budget and we'll do the rest to make sure you get maximum exposure to our valuable audience. 

With powerful controls that allow you to decide who to retarget and when, maximizing the impact of your advertising on the Octomyze network has never been more effective.

Interested in expanding your brand’s reach with retargeting on the Octomyze network? Contact your Demand Generation Expert today for more information or drop us a line at [email protected].

Octomyze at the 2017 ECIA Executive Conference


When it comes to networking with electronic component manufacturers and distributors, few events match the participation and firepower of the ECIA Executive Conference held each October in the Chicago area.

Attendees include representatives across all aspects of the electronic component supply chain. Typically, the speakers and prearranged topics of discussion include provocative and relevant trends across the electronic components and electronic manufacturing industries.  

Although this will not be my first ECIA Executive Conference, it will be my inaugural as a member of the Octopart/Octomyze team.  I am excited to network and share some of our positive messages:

1) Octopart traffic and value to customers are at an all-time high.

2) Our parent company Altium has made an exciting new acquisition with Upverter.

3) The Octomyze audience network is generating demand through unprecedented connection with engineers throughout the entire design process.

I am pleased to share that the Octomyze and Octopart team will have comprehensive participation at this year’s event.  Matt Lee, Anthony Abbate and Paul Huang will be joining me.  

Please reach out to us if you’d like to prearrange a meeting.  I look forward to seeing old colleagues and meeting new, interesting folks!

- Dan Schoenfelder

Company Tools Portal

Have you ever needed to update your credit card information mid-month? Settle a balance? Change contact information? I’m willing to bet the answer has been yes to all three. Did you know you’re able to achieve all of this and more through Octopart’s Company Tools Portal?

The Company Tools Portal empowers Distributors and Manufacturers to make important changes to their account, at any time, and without waiting for the assistance of an Account Executive.

ct dash.png

The Company Tools Portal is most commonly used to:

  • Upload a datafeed
  • Update a company address
  • Update credit card and billing information
  • Add/update the contacts who receive monthly invoices
  • Pay any open invoices
  • Download monthly click reports

To access the Company Tools Portal, visit If you do not have access to the Company Tools Portal, start by creating a personal account on Octopart from by clicking “Sign In” and “Create A New Account.” From here, we can link your personal Octopart Account to your Company’s Company Tools Account.

sign in.png

How will you use the Company Tools Portal to improve your experience with Octopart?

Octomyze Welcomes Upverter to the Altium Family


The Octomyze team would like to welcome Upverter to the Altium family, which includes the previously acquired startups Octopart and Ciiva back in 2015.

Upverter is the world’s leading cloud-based electronic design software. Their focus is on enabling engineers to rapidly design next-generation electronics and IOT devices in the cloud, for free.

Octopart shares Upverter’s belief that the best tools should streamline the design engineer’s workflow, not slow it down. Both Octopart and Upverter are driven by the desire to make the design process faster, easier, and more intuitive for everyone.

As a long-time partner within the Octomyze network, Upverter already utilized Octopart as a feature within their system, and now that both teams are under the same roof, that collaboration will only deepen.

This acquisition will mean more opportunities coming down the road for distributors and manufacturers partnering with Octomyze on demand generation.

Please contact your Demand Generation Experts to find out more.