The Octomyze Marketing Engine

As you may know, Octomyze is a growing audience network of the industry’s leading engineering and design resources: Octopart, Altium Designer, Aperza, CircuitMaker, Arena Solutions, Embedded Computing Design, and Upverter. By connecting with a wide-reaching audience, we provide a unique set of marketing and advertising opportunities to distributors and manufacturers that work with Octomyze. We call it the Octomyze Marketing Engine.

The infographic below illustrates how the Octomyze Marketing Engine drives demand generation for the component industry. If you are a distributor or manufacturer, market your components to your exact customer by utilizing the Octomyze Audience Network. As a result, your components might win the final design.

If you have any questions about Octomyze or would like to speak to one of our Demand Generation Experts about marketing opportunities we have available, contact us today.

Octomyze at EDS 2017 - Schedule Your Meeting Today

EDS, the biggest electronics distribution show of the year is upon us! We’re gearing up to head to Las Vegas for this popular annual conference for electronic component distributors and manufacturers. This year, EDS runs from May 15-19 at the Mirage Las Vegas, where it has been held for the last few years. We are looking forward to heading to EDS to meet with the excellent companies that we already work with, which we’re helping connect with millions of engineers on (you’ll see them listed on the site) and beyond. If you are a distributor or manufacturer, this is a great opportunity to learn more about how Octomyze can help you reach a wide audience of engineers, designers, makers, purchasing professionals, and more, and to see demonstrations of proven marketing opportunities we have available specifically for manufacturers and distributors.

Whether your company already works with Octopart and Octomyze, or you’re just interested in learning more, please schedule your meeting at EDS with us today before we book up. You won’t want to miss this chance to connect engineers with your products.

Octomyze Will Attend ESC Boston 2017

Will you be attending ESC Boston in May? If so, let us know! We can help you connect with your key audience.

Please stop by our booth 972 (look for Octopart and Altium signs) on May 3 - 4th to learn about how Octomyze can help manufacturers and distributors expand and increase engagement with their audiences. Our customizable solutions can connect you with electronics designers, engineers, and component purchasers all over the world, and at every stage of the design process. Learn more about our network of audiences and how we can help grow yours. We look forward to meeting you in Boston!

Unlock the Power of the Octomyze Audience Network

It’s been one year since the launch of Octomyze. Today, the Octomyze network of audiences includes not only Octopart, but also Altium Designer, Aperza, CircuitMaker, Arena Solutions PLM, Embedded Computing Design, and Upverter.

As a distributor of electronic components, when you work with Octomyze, your inventory and “buy now” links can be syndicated across the entire audience network including Octopart. This enormous benefit enables your brand to be front and center to engineers and supply chain professionals worldwide, through this network of tools, media properties, and other valuable engineering resources.

One relationship with Octomyze unlocks industry specific marketing potential across the world. Today, hundreds of electronic component distributors are enjoying this relationship with Octomyze. Are you one of them?

Contact Octomyze now to get started.


Octomyze Audience Partner Spotlight: Embedded Computing Design

Since late last year, Octomyze has been working with OpenSystems Media and its flagship property, Embedded Computing Design.

Embedded Computing Design (ECD) is the go-to, trusted property for information regarding embedded design and development. They are the largest global community of embedded designers producing blogs, design articles, videos, news, and product information.

Octomyze is proud to be powering pricing, datasheets, and distributor inventory availability on ECD. This enhanced functionality is available directly beneath ECD articles that reference electronic parts, development boards, and more.

You can see an example of Octomyze-powered pricing and availability in this ECD article about Microsemi’s new PolarFire FPGAs. You’ll notice the “Parts referenced in this post” section makes it simple to view the datasheet and answer the question, “Where can I buy this product?” Another great example of this functionality is below Jeremy Cook’s review of the Arduino Nano board.

For products not directly mentioned in ECD’s rich content, the site features an easy-to-use part search utility fully powered by Octomyze.

The ECD audience of embedded engineers are working on applications in IoT, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Consumer, Digital Signage, and more. By working with Octomyze, distributors can increase their exposure to these engineers.